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SalemElementary School

Grade Levels » First Grade

First Grade

Welcome to First Grade!

We are very excited that you will be joining us this fall! We are looking forward to sharing time reading and learning together. We will learn about communities and living things. We will grow as learners as we practice addition and subtraction. We will even grow butterflies! 
Have a great summer break! We hope you will enjoy lots of time sharing stories and experiences with your family!
Your friends, 
Ms. Boulay, Mrs.  Brai, and Ms. Poitras
Grade 1 Specials Schedules: 
Please wear your sneakers for P.E. Days!
To be UPDATED 8/28.
  • Monday: Music & P.E.
  • Tuesday: Media
  • Wednesday: Media.
  • Thursday: Art
  • Friday: P.E.
  • Monday: P.E.
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Media
  • Thursday: P.E.
  • Friday: Art & Media
  • Monday: Music
  • Tuesday: Media
  • Wednesday: P.E.
  • Thursday: Media
  • Friday: P.E. & Art