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Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

We are very excited that you will be joining us this fall! You will learn about empathy and cooperation, how living things depend on water and real-life stories. We will work with multiplication and division. 
Enjoy your summer vacation! Spend lots of time reading and enjoying experiences with your family, so we will have lots to talk about in the fall. 
Your friends, 
     Ms. DiMaio, Mrs. Janowitz, and Mrs. Larrow
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3rd Grade Weekly News: (Week of November 18, 2019)

     In Reading this week, students will be sharing trickster tales and focusing on how to analyze a fiction text. Students will be wrapping up their look at Native Americans, exploration, and the American Revolution in Humanities. In Math, students will be wrapping up working with multiplication and division strategies in Topic 4. In Science, students will continue to look at Force. Students will be sharing a meal on Thursday this week as we look toward our upcoming Thanksgiving Break. 
       ~The Third Grade Team 
November SQUIRT/MATH and STEM materials will be due on Monday 12/2/19. 
If your child did not bring home their packet - please notify your classroom teacher.
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Measurement and Data
Grade 3 Specials Schedules:
Please wear your sneakers for P.E. Days!  (UPDATED - 8/28) 
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  • Monday: Music
  • Tuesday: None 
  • Wednesday: PE & Computers
  • Thursday: Art & Media 
  • Friday: P.E.
  • Monday: P.E.
  • Tuesday: Media
  • Wednesday: Music
  • Thursday: P.E.
  • Friday: Art & Computers
  • Monday: Music
  • Tuesday: P.E. 
  • Wednesday: Computers
  • Thursday: Media & P.E.
  • Friday: Art 
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NOV Due: 12/2/19
  • S.Q.U.I.R.T. Reading Log
  • Math Calendar
NOV Due 12/2/19
  • STEM Project Create an Egg Car
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