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Megan Church

School Counselor
Effort is one of those things that gives meaning to life. Effort means you care about something, that something is important to you and you are willing to work for it. ~ Carol Dweck


I am so excited to be part of Salem School! As a new School Counselor I will be working with ALL students by providing social emotional learning in the classroom, as well as small groups and individual counseling. I believe that every student has strengths that can help them overcome any challenge. I hope to support every student and help them become a strong and independent individual in the community!  
Your friend,
Miss Church☺

About Miss Church: Picture with sister and our puppy

 Why did I choose to become a School Counselor? Growing up with a stutter I had a difficult time gaining confidence in myself and showing my potential. I found supportive individuals growing up in my school which helped me to overcome my challenges and be grateful and proud of being myself. I hope to someday help students overcome any challenge or difficulties and show them that ANYONE can do ANYTHING they put their mind to- even becoming a school counselor with a stutter!
Education:  B.S. in Psychology at University of Saint Joseph
                     M.A. in School Counseling at University of Saint Joseph
Years of Experience:  1.5 wonderful years as a Intern in School Counseling
Years Working in Naugatuck Schools: First Year!
A few of my favorite things:  Shopping, watching scary movies, visiting pet stores and spending time with my family
Classes I Teach or Have Taught: Social~Emotional Learning
A fun fact about me: I love potato chips!