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In the School Counseling Department at Salem Elementary School, we provide comprehensive counseling
 services to all students in our school community. Our program promotes success in academics, college and career readiness, and social-emotional development for all students, to help each student reach his/her full potential. This is achieved by providing evidence-based
 strategies in individual student planning, developmental lessons, and group counseling efforts. In addition, we are committed to advocating for student success at the individual, student, and societal levels in order to ensure a quality educational experience
 that is equitable and achievable for ALL  students. In providing these services, we hold ourselves accountable to both the Connecticut School Counselor Association (CSCA) state competencies and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) national standards.


As a School Counseling Department, we at Salem Elementary School aim to provide comprehensive
 services of the highest possible quality to make equity and access a reality for all students. We want our students to master the competencies needed to achieve success in all future endeavors. Students at Salem will become the Vision of the Graduate with
 the capability to excel in the academic, personal/social, and career aspects of their lives by using the knowledge and skills acquired in this comprehensive model. We aspire to build a community of leaders by empowering students with skills and strategies
 that promote initiative and a sense of self-worth. Our students will be self-advocates and agents of change in their schools, communities, and future environments. 

Philosophy & Beliefs

At Salem Elementary School, the School Counseling Department believes that all students are uniquely capable of success. We believe that all students deserve equal access and opportunity to a quality education, encompassing academics, college and career readiness, and social-emotional development. We believe that this success is realized through
 a collaborative process that involves all individuals in the students’ educational world, ranging from school counselors to teachers, and from administrators to family and community members. As counselors, we believe that our job is to provide support along
 the multiple dimensions of successful education, while also acting as students’ advocates to all members of this educational community. 

Graphic with concentric wheels showing steps to academic achievement and success for all students.

Center: Academic Achievement and Success for All Students

Inner wheel: Social/Emotional, Career and Academic

Middle wheel: Define. Build, implement, monitor. Deliver. Assess, Act, Announce.

Outer wheel: Collaboration. Accountability. Systemic Change. Leadership. Equity. Advocacy.